Oct 16

Becoming A Sought-After Network Marketing Leader

How do you become the sought-after leader that people will want to follow, in a home based network marketing business? Simple. Work on YOU!

The network marketing industry as enough challenges of its own so poor leadership only makes it more difficult for newbies to succeed. If you recruit someone, you are responsible to ensure that they learn the business and understand the requirements for success.

The primary reason MLM businesses and businesses in general fail is because of leadership. Remember, what goes on at the top of a business trickles down throughout the organization and negatively impacts your business bottom line. In this industry, leadership is paramount; without it your business will fail.

If you are suffering in your MLM experience, it is probably in part due to the fact that your up-line brought you into the business and then abandoned you. I hear this so much. It happens every day. I call it the “hit and run.” Your sponsors make you feel so important until they sign you up and then they are off to seek new blood. Eventually one leg of the business will fall apart and disrupt the entire structure. Don’t let this happen to you.

Today I am going to discuss three key concepts that you need to put into place in order to become the sought-after leader that others want to work with and follow. If you do these correctly, reps from other businesses will be banging on your door to join your team – and – your down-line will feel excited to introduce you to their prospects because they are confident that you will work as hard on their success as you do your own. This only happens as you develop yourself as a leader.

  1. Get a mentor or business coach that knows and understands the nature of an MLM business. Find someone in your up-line or someone else’s up-line that is willing to share leadership best practices with you. You may also work with a MLM personal development coach outside of your organization. I coached MLM leaders long before I came into this in business and I have heard all the horror stories of what I call the “newbie or down-line blues.” Like I said, I heard about it. But now that I am in the business, I see it happening all around me. I, myself, don’t have this problem. My mentor and coach, Dr. Jerry Brown is a Presidential Ambassador with our company, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, and he still has time to check in with me almost every day.
  2. Learn from the masters and become an emerging leader. It is true more often than not that most MLM reps will lose the support of their sponsor. I always encourage my clients to position themselves and conduct themselves as leaders as soon as possible because they never know when they will be left to work solo and build their down-line business. Positioning yourself is all about developing the characteristics of a leader. My motto is, if you can’t get the support you need from a person, read a book. John Maxwell, in my opinion, has cornered the market on leadership. I have read several of his books: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Developing the Leader Within You and even the Maxwell Leadership Bible which was given to me as a Christmas present by one of my clients.
  1. Convert your car into a “personal development institute.” Drive time is a perfect time to gain new knowledge about a variety of subjects, managing teams, business development strategies, sales techniques and many others that will equip you to operate, manage and lead with proficiency. In my car I currently have the CDs which come with each monthly Success Magazine. These often capture information presented in the printed magazine. The always have a motivational or inspirational and uplifting segment by people like Brian Tracey, Jim Rhon or Wayne Dyer. (If you don’t know who these people are, visit my resources pages on my website to get connected (www.motivationalpearls.com)

In conclusion, remember, if you work on your business, you will make money, but if you work on you, you will make a FORTUNE. Position yourself to be the best and most powerful leader possible and you will find that people will want to work with you and follow you. You will no longer be chasing them once they find out how awesome you are.

It is my hope and prayer that you found this useful. Over the next five days, put these practices in place and I am sure you will enjoy the results. You will receive your next lesson in five days which will focus on how you can motivate your reps build momentum that yields a good return.

Please feel free to share this information with other MLM business owners. In order to have them get the full package, have them visit my website and sign up for this MLM Cash Start Training course.

All the Best!

Charly The Pearl aka MLM Cash Super Star

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