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If you are in the Network Marketing industry there are two things you need to know:

  1. Branding is Powerful!  Coca-Cola and Mercedes and Nike teach us that a brand (logo) will create customer recognition and loyalty.  Don’t believe me, read this article from Entrepreneur Magazine (
  2. Your business needs a website to earn “right now” money!  If you sell products that require a monthly auto ship, you have have inventory and you can get your commissions “right now” but setting up a website and allowing your customers to pay you though Paypal or some other online merchant service.  With Paypal, you also get a real-time debit card.  So when your customers click “submit” your money is available on your debit card for your use.  Now that’s “right now” money!Business branding


It is my passion to help network marketers succeed.  I created the Network Marketer’s Jump Start Business Kit for just this reason.  The purpose is to create custom branding and a powerful internet presence. Many network marketers fail because they don’t feel like they actually own their own business. They think they have joined someone’s business.  No…you purchased a franchise license and are the proprietor of your own business.  Let’s distinguish you from the crowd by creating your own custom brand and letting the world know that you are open for business by building your internet real estate.

The Network Marketer’s Jump Start Business Kit includes:

  • Custom Logo
  • Branded Business Cards
  • Three Branded Marketing Pieces
  • Distinct URL
  • Five Page Website
  • Pay Pal Buttons
  • On Page SEO
  • Two Affiliate Marketing Programs

 Kit Cost: $350 (Payment Plan Available)

You may purchase these services individually or as a package.

Network Marketing is an awesome way for you to pay off debt, save for large expenses and to use as a vehicle to build wealth.  If you are not seeing the results you desire, consider branding and establishing your own internet presence.


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