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Oct 08

You Cannot Have What You Are Not Willing To Become


So you say you want to build wealth, have a successful business and great relationships.  Great! These goals are not as hard to achieve if you will shift your paradigm of thinking and become that which you want to acquire.  If you want to build wealth, you must think and act like a wealthy person. …

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Sep 19

Success with No Retreat


We entrepreneurs, especially us who work in network marketing opportunities, have a hard time getting started and getting the results that we desire.  You know, this really isn’t rocket science. What it is …is a proven system by which millionaires are created every day.  Why not us?  Why are so many having problems succeeding?  As …

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Aug 21

A Key to Success: The Art of Manifestation

Key to Success

For quite some time, I had the hardest time getting my arms around the concept of how to manifest my desires and create my own experience in the life that has been given me.  I read the book The Secret. I researched the laws of the universe.  I purchased and watched the movie The Secret …

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Jul 19

Please Understand “My Why”

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When I look around and observe the attitude and behaviors of the children in my community, my heart is heavy. What I know, that they fail to realize, is that the days of youth provide an awesome opportunity to develop personally so that their futures will be successful and fulfilling. The reality is that  many …

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May 11

The Healthy Coffee


  In October 2011, I was hospitalized with asthma. I could not believe that I remained admitted for two and a half days. When I arrived at the Emergency Room, I was taken immediately into a room, placed on a breathing machine and injected with a huge dose of steroids just to get me from …

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