Oct 08

You Cannot Have What You Are Not Willing To Become

So you say you want to build wealth, have a successful business and great relationships.  Great! These goals are not as hard to achieve if you will shift your paradigm of thinking and become that which you want to acquire.  If you want to build wealth, you must think and act like a wealthy person. If you want to have a successful business, you must become a savvy business leader and if you want to have strong relationships, you must take a genuine interest in the needs and wants of those around you.


Today we are going to discuss the 10 factors which must be part of “who you must become” so that you will be able to fulfill your dream of having a successful business and positioning yourself to build wealth.


  1.  You must become a big dreamer.  Small dreamers accomplish small results but big dreamers accomplish big results.  It takes courage for you to think outside of your comfort zone and operate alongside of the leaders of your industry.  Can you see yourself being successful competing with Starbucks?  To be successful with Organo Gold…you must.  Take some time to write down the strengths and weaknesses of Starbucks and build your business filling the needs of those people who Starbucks do not serve.  For example, they do not deliver product to the doors of their customers, nor do they offer a healthy herb or have a portable product which your customers can carry in their pockets and have available when they desire a delicious gourmet cup of coffee or tea.  There are other aspects of your business which can help you compete such as personal customer service and price point.  Can you think of others?  Build your business on these factors and you will indeed be competing with Starbucks.  See… that was not so hard was it?
  2. You must become decisive and make a firm decision that this is the business that you will be involved with.  You must learn as much about the product, the industry and the company that you have partnered with until you can speak intelligently about your business and answer any question related to it and the benefits that your customers can expect.  This decision must keep you from following after every breeze that blows your way.  You must not be open to ideas of joining other businesses.  You decision must be firm and you have to be willing to stand up for it and fight to be successful regardless of what may occur.  People don’t often realize that when they take on a new venture, the progression of this venture will probably take on the shape of the letter “J” meaning that initially as you are learning the business and gaining more experience, you may find yourself in the valley of the “J.” Your decision should hold you firmly in place until you start moving in a progressive manner along the upswing of the “J.” Be strong and stand by your decision to work your business.
  3. You must become a visionary.  It is only the visionary who can look into the future at the finished product that will have the stamina to remain committed to their dream while they are in the process of growing and developing.  It is vitally important that you stay focused on the results well before they have actually manifested.  You must participate in meditation, visualization activities and create a vision board or book as developing a vision takes time; success does not come over night.  True success requires that you become a visionary and put into place as many strategies as you can come up with to make your dream come to life.
  4. You must become active.  When we start business there are many things that we must learn.  Yes…the learning curve can be very steep. But we must chose to take action and just get started.  The best teacher in the world is experience so we must get started and begin to acquire the experience that will facilitate our learning.  If we try to get all the information, do all the research, learn all the strategies and technologies, we will never get started and our dream will be in a hold position.  Like Martin Luther King, Jr. says, “You do not need to see the whole staircase to move forward…just take the first step in faith and the rest will be revealed to you.” Very good advice.  Take action now and don’t delay your success.  There is no way for you to progress while waiting to get all the facts. Act now!
  5. You must become committed.  In all that we do, it is the character of commitment that takes us across the finish line.  How committed are you?  Are you committed to present yourself as a professional business person?  Are you committed to honor your word? Are you committed to make personal development changes regarding your communications and appearance?  Are you committed to work on your business every day?  What I am asking is, are you committed to your commitment for success?  Commitment will require you to adjust your lifestyle to make yourself available for the work that must take place in your business.  Commitment will require you to make financial investments into your business.  Commitment will require you to utilize your time in a different manner. Your success in this business will be evidence by the level of your commitment.  If you are not acquiring the results that you desire, check your commitment level.
  6. You must become persistent.  This trait will make you a winner because it will be the weapon that you use to fight for your success in the face of obstacles, challenges and opposition.  Trust me, you will experience all of these things as you move toward reaching the goals you have set for yourself.  All of this coupled with the naysayers in your life can be quite a test.  This is why persistence is your weapon.  Use it to prove everyone wrong.  Use it to get around obstacles.  Use it to overcome challenges and use it to knock down opposition.  Persistence is powerful!  Drape yourself with it each morning and set your sites on getting through one day at a time.  Become persistent and you will meet your success head on.
  7. You must become developed.  True success will take place on the inside of you long before you see the results in your bank account.  Dedicate the time necessary to develop your mind power and thus unfold into your greatness.  Read all the books, attend all the trainings, work with your mentors and leaders.  Seek out information for your learning every day. Allow personal development to be your primary stepping stones for success.  When you have absorbed the knowledge, refined your image, enhance your communications, stocked your memory with necessary facts and increased your self-esteem and awareness, you will be positioned to create wealth.
  8. You must become a manifester.  People who have the ability to manifest their desires into its tangible  equivalent are those who get to live the number one lifestyle in the world.  Manifesters recognize that they must go the extra mile to do what others don’t so they can enjoy what others won’t.  Manifesters have mastered their ability to attract success to them which can be witnessed by others as the fruit of their labor because they have become success.
  9. You must become a sower.  Those who experience wealth creation are those who have planted seeds in the lives of others to support their growth and development as well.  As Zig Ziggler so elegantly states, “You can have anything in the world that you want as long as you help others get what they want.” And this is true.  If wealth is what you want to create, you must be able to offer something of value to others for which they are willing to pay.  This makes for a win-win scenario.  It is the sower who reaps the harvest.  Stay focused on planting good seed and the harvest will take care of itself.
  10. You must become wise.  The use of strategies is how to develop and sustain wealth.  Be wise about who you listen to.  Be wise in how you treat your customers and business associates.  Be wise about the words you utter. Be wise about how you utilize your money and time.  Be wise enough to continue to learn.  Be wise enough to watch your competition.  Be wise enough to appreciate your blessings.  And be wise about operating in integrity.


As I said in the beginning, you cannot have what you are not willing to become.  Please do not be overwhelmed by what is presented.  There are a lot of principles that you must adopt, but this is what you wanted – to be transitioned into a person who creates wealth, so transform you must.  I encourage you to take an assessment of yourself now and identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and work with a coach to position yourself as a true wealth creator.  Some of these principles you will have to begin to practice and others you may have already adopted to your life.  But take the time required to review each one and move in the direction that will allow you to grow and unfold into your greatness and become that which you want to acquire.

All the Best!

Charly The Pearl


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